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Sawn-split stones (french)

Sawn-split stones (french)

The sawn-split basalt paving combines the advantages of full-sawn and cheap with a full-split. Such blocks have split (i.e. uneven) and sawn (i.e. absolutely exactly polished) sides.

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French sawn-split stone block is processed so that it has uneven (split) sides and even (sawn) upper and lower parts. The top of the bar is thermally processed (to be not slippery). As a result of laying French paving stones from basalt, the paths acquire a smooth, well-groomed appearance.

Any option is suitable for tracks and playgrounds. Pencil and French bars are perfectly combined when stacked with different patterns and customized with a minimum gap.


“Pencil” is packaged in big bags or pallets.

We also offer for paving:

  • “Pencil” paving stones;;
  • washers – bars of basalt without sharp corners;
  • basalt “bark” – ragged plates that look great when laying walkways in gardens and parks. The basalt “bark” also looks spectacular when facing fences and foundations of buildings.

Basalt is a strong and durable building material, thanks to which the streets of ancient cities paved in this way have remained unchanged for centuries. For basalt, temperature fluctuations and heavy traffic are not terrible.

The special advantages of this material include:

  • a rough upper face will keep shoes or wheels from slipping in any weather;
  • low abrasion rates of basalt paving stones ensure that a platform or path paved with stone will serve for hundreds of years;
  • natural basalt does not emit harmful fumes in the heat and in conditions of sudden changes in temperature (for example, unlike from asphalt);
  • basalt pavement does not even have natural background radiation. This moment radically distinguishes it from granite;
  • basalt does not wear out and can be reused. For example, in the repair of underground communications, the pavement from basalt is not thrown away, but carefully disassembled to be laid on the same or another place.

Sawn-split basalt paving can be ordered and bought at the price of the manufacturer.

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