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Basalt plates are a status way to lay tracks and squares, as well as a beautiful facade material.
We offer basalt plates “rock”, rubble stone, basalt washers, basalt “crust”, basalt steps and bordures.

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Basalt paving plates are a status method for laying paths and areas. This type of road surface is one of the most popular in Europe. Basalt is popular exclusively because of its physical and mechanical characteristics and its uniform black color.

Large basalt paving plates have additional advantages:

  • the cost of manufacturing a square meter is approximately equal to the production of a square meter of full-sawn paving;
  • due to its large size, it will take less time to pack;
  • large sizes provide fewer joints, so, walking on such a surface is much more comfortable.

Like ordinary basalt paving, plates can be reused, they are virtually unbreakable.

  • higher demands on the master;
  • higher demands for the preparation of the basis for laying plates;
  • the impressive weight of one plate (sometimes up to 100 kg) gives additional difficulties during installation.

Processed black stone is also used for cladding buildings.

Basalt plates of the “rock” type are a very popular way of decorating the facade of buildings, which also helps to insulate the walls and protect them from moisture.

“Rock” is used for facing vertical areas and is a plate, which has one large (front) split face, and all the rest sawn faces. Due to the textured surface, the walls, lined with “rock” get a more impressive, volumetric appearance.

General advantages of basalt plates:

  • durability: a platform or path paved with such stone will serve hundreds of years;
  • the roughness of the upper face removes the slip of shoes or wheels in any weather;
  • there are no harmful fumes in the heat and the complete absence of natural background radiation, which distinguishes the laying of basalt from granite.

Basalt of different sizes is used for paving of paths, for the decoration of buildings facades, pavilions and fences. Order, the choice is yours.

We also offer:

  • rubble stone (basalt rubble), which is used for foundations, fencing and garden design;
  • basalt washers – basalt blocks with rounded corners that are suitable for paving;
  • basalt “bark” – torn large plates that are used for walking paths in landscape gardening design, as well as for cladding buildings and foundations of fences;
  • basalt steps and bordures that will improve the entrance to the building and create a powerful frame around the perimeter of the lawn or flower bed.

Plates and other products from basalt can be ordered and purchased at the manufacturer’s price.

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