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Full-split stone blocks

Full-split stone blocks

Split pavement (or full-split) is a classic that has come down to us through the centuries. The full-split stone blocks have the form of a cube from basalt, but with not absolutely equal sides. Full-split pavement stacked with different patterns. “Fan”, “wave”, “chess” – this is only few of the options for laying on tracks and platforms with a gap between the bars of about 1-2 centimeters.

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Split paving stones are the cheapest building material for paving, and it has one feature – an uneven front part. The irregularities are polished over time in a natural way, demonstrating the beauty of the natural split.

Basalt paving is a particularly durable material that is resistant to repeated temperature changes

Among the other advantages of this material are the following:

  • roughness of the upper cleavage ensures that the coating will not be slippery in any weather;
  • basalt abrasion characteristics are very low, that is, a playground or path paved with such material will last for hundreds of years;
  • Ukrainian basalt under high temperature conditions does not emit harmful fumes, unlike asphalt;
  • background radiation is completely absent, which distinguishes basalt from granite paving;
  • can be reused – when carrying out repairs, basalt paving is not discarded, but simply disassembled, in order to be laid on the same or another place with a new pattern.

We also produce:

  • full-sawn stone blocks;
  • sawn-split stone blocks “pencil”;
  • sawn-split stone blocks “french”.

Basalt full-split stones can be bought at the manufacturer’s price.

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