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Full sawn paving stones

Full sawn paving stones

Full sawn paving is the most expensive of all basalt paving types, but also as close as possible to the ideal. The full sawn basalt paving stone has even, polished edges and a rough top. Bars are distinguished by a flat surface and look like classic paving plate.

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The full-cut basalt paving stones are laid in the traditional way: with a solid carpet or using various patterns with minimal gaps between the bars.

Basalt paving is characterized by special strength and resistance to multiple temperature differences, but in addition the material has following advantages:

  • the rough top of the tile is not slippery in any weather;
  • low abrasion rate is a guarantee that the coating, paved with such material, will last hundreds of years;
  • does not emit harmful vapors at high atmospheric temperatures, unlike asphalt, that is literally melted by hot sun rays;
  • does not possess natural background radiation, which radically distinguishes it from granite paving stones;
  • suitable for reuse: basalt paving is not discarded when it is necessary to repair the communications under the road surface. It is simply disassembled to then either lie down or move to another surface.

We offer to buy full sawn basalt paving at the price of the manufacturer (Ivano-Dolyna field, Zlazne, 24 kilometers from Kostopil, Rivne region).

We also produce:

  • full-split stone blocks;
  • sawn-split stone blocks “pencil”;
  • sawn-split stone blocks “french”.

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Our company is from Western Ukraine, located directly at one of the basalt quarries and offers such type of product from a rare natural material, like basalt paving


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