Basalt, as well as widespread in Ukraine, and used in construction granite, belongs to volcanic rocks. The only difference is that basalt was formed as a result of the rapid cooling of lava on the surface, or at the bottom of the world ocean, and not in the depths of the earth’s crust, like granite.

Rapid cooling and solidification turned the “blood of the earth” into a fine-grained rock with a high specific gravity, unique characteristics and a luxurious dark color.

Its color (from a purely black color to dark gray and greenish-black shades) and physical characteristics depend on the field where basalt is mined.

Physical and mechanical characteristics of Ukrainian black basalt

Parameter Value
Volume weight 2700-2870 kg/m³
Water absorption 0,26 – 0,31 %
Compressive strength 175 – 196 МРа
Erasure 0,09 – 0,29 g/cm²
Class of natural radiation: Class 1 (allowed for all types of construction)

Natural stone from the Ivano-Dolyna field (located in the Rivne region, 24 kilometers from the district center – the city of Kostopil) is a unique black basalt suitable for all types of construction (basalt paving, polished plates and for the facade, filler for building mixtures, etc.).

Basalt scopes

The use of basalt is caused by its unique characteristics:

  • Ukrainian black basalt is a heavy and wear resistant stone with a high modulus of elasticity, that is, wide wavering in temperature do not affect it and do not change its physical characteristics;
  • Basalt is immune to aggressive environment (acids and alkalis), does not absorb moisture, that is, even natural corrosion is not terrible for it;
  • Ukrainian basalt, unlike granite, does not have natural background radiation, so this material is completely environmentally friendly.

Where is the “black gold” of Ukraine used:

  1. Classical basalt paving stones are using for laying roads: split (full-split), full-sawn, sawn-split, only differ in the method of manufacture and last for centuries.
  2. Basalt paving plates are used for laying paths and platforms, as well as for facades, as a natural insulation and protection against moisture.
  3. Basalt crushed stone is an excellent base for railroad tracks and highways, as well as filler for reinforced concrete structures.
  4. Basalt of small fractions (crumb and dust) is used in the production of anti-corrosion coatings, which later turn out to be resistant to any aggressive environment and with excellent thermal insulation, sound and fire resistance.
  5. Low basalt refractoriness is sometimes considered a disadvantage. Basalt is melted in a furnace at a temperature of 1200° C, which makes it an excellent raw material for popular stone casting (making fireplaces, stair treads and other cast forms).
  6. Basalt filaments, which are formed after the rock is heated in the furnace and sprayed, are used as thermal and sound insulation (stone or basalt wool).

We are convinced, that nature has taken care that people get an excellent building material.

The company Basalt-Ukraine has been working in the field of natural stone processing since 1989, and is located near a unique field in the Rivne region.

We know everything about Ukrainian basalt; we offer to buy quality, created by nature and fair price without intermediaries.

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