УUkraine is rich in many natural resources, but the basalt fields, located in the floodplain of the Goryn River, in the territory of the Rivne region, 24 kilometers from Kostopil, are truly unique.

The place called Janova Valley attracts tourists with the greatness of basalt columns and the fabulous beauty of the emerald lake formed after the flooding of the quarry.

Scientists claim that it cannot be anywhere else on the earth. The height of the basalt pillars in this place varies from one to thirty meters, the processing of the stone has been going on for over a hundred years, and natural reserves do not run out.

Basalt is a stone of volcanic origin. According to volcanologists, basalt columns formed as a result of rapid solidification of lava on the surface of the earth and further natural split into columns. In the cut such columns are of various shapes – from rectangular tetrahedral, to six – and octahedral.

Basalt from Janova Valley is characterized by rich black color and unique physical characteristics that allow it to be used for all types of constructions. The nature has worried about the simplicity of the extraction of “black gold” – a feature of Ukrainian basalt is that it splits into almost even cubes.

A bit of history

The field was explored in the 18th century. Already in 1861, the characteristics of black basalt were appreciated, and industrial stone processing began.

Basalt paving proved to be an excellent resistant material and became fashionable. The stone was also used for cladding the facade of buildings, using its natural properties of moisture protection, heat and sound insulation.

Few people know, but the roads of Vienna and the squares and streets of Paris, Berlin squares and lanes of Polish Krakow and Warsaw are paved with basalt paving stones of Ukrainian origin.

Wars and upheavals at the beginning of the 19th century froze work in a career. But when Western Ukraine became part of Poland in 1920, entrepreneurs noticed Ukrainian basalt. Almost 3,000 people were employed in production in 1930. In the quarries earned well, the production grew.

Further, the situation on the basalt career changed with each arrival of the new owners: Soviet power, German authorities (1941-1944), again the USSR, and finally – independent Ukraine.

Currently, the production of basalt paving and other basalt products is carried out in sufficient sizes to meet the needs of consumers in Ukraine and Europe.

The company Basalt-Ukraine has been processing natural stone since 1989.

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