Basalt products from the manufacturer at accessible prices

Stone processing company and reliable provider with 30 years of experience

What is valued in construction? Reliability, durability, beauty.

Nature is the best builder, that’s why we offer natural building materials, which has proven its reliability and durability without losing external elegance.

Company BASALT-UKRAINE was founded in 2003, but it has actually been working in natural stone processing since 1989. We are located near unique field in Rivne region, which is recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. These basalt pillars are almost 700 million years old and scientists claim, that there is no such phenomenon in nature.

We know everything about basalt using. We offer to buy quality, created by nature and honest price from the manufacturer.

What we produce?

Where is basalt used? The streets of Paris, Vienna and Riga, the squares of Moscow, Warsaw and Berlin, Brussels, Hamburg and Tallinn, the alleys of the historical part of Krakow, Vilnius and Cologne are paved with the pavement made of Ukrainian stone.

We honor the tradition of durability and beauty.

Our specialization is full sawn basalt paving, but all our products are worth of attention:

Full-sawn paving stones

The most convenient for paving due to smooth on all sides of the verges.
Blocks are heat-treated, and therefore not slippery for shoes and vehicles.

Split (full-split) paving stones

The classic option for paving paths and pads. This is a basalt cube of rich black color with natural irregularities on all faces. Chipped basalt block without roughness, which distinguishes it from granite and enhances the feeling of wealth and aristocracy.

Sawn-split paving stones

Blocks of a more correct geometric shape with split faces (i.e. uneven) and sawn (i.e. absolutely exactly polished). Depending on the method of chipping and sawing, there are distinguished “pencil” and “French” types of sawn-split paving stones.

  • Basalt pencil-like blocks have sawn (flat) sides and split top and bottom parts. “Pencil” is comfortably laid with minimal gaps. Paved in this way paths and grounds demonstrate the natural beauty of the crushed stone.
  • French sawn-split stone blocks are distinguished by the fact, that they have uneven (split) sides and even (sawn) upper and lower parts. The top of the bar is thermally processed (so as not to be slippery). As a result of paving French paving stones from basalt, the paths acquire a smooth, well-groomed appearance.

Basalt paving plates

Popular material for paving roads and sidewalks in Europe. Due to the flat surface and fewer seams, paving plates are convenient for walking and require less time for installation.

  • Heat-treated paving plates acquire a slightly rough upper face and do not slide in any weather.
  • Polished plates become mirror-smooth and surprise with perfectly black, saturated color.
  • Glossy paving plates are treated in such a way that the polished face is not brought to absolute brilliance, but remains velvety-matte.

Basalt plates are always rich black in color. It radically distinguishes this natural material from gabbro and labradorite, which have a fine-grained structure with multi-colored inclusions.

Looking for a black natural stone – you need only basalt.


Used as an enclosing element for paths, lawns and flowerbeds.

The border of basalt can be heat-treated and then its faces are not slippery. A chamfer on the edge will give the finished, more refined look to the bordure.

Our facilities allow us to produce basalt bordures by the size of the customer.


The basalt steps will ennoble the entrance to any building.

We manufacture steps according to your size, offer decorative processing of the ends and a drip for water drainage.

Traditionally we offer polishing or heat treatment of steps.

Facing tile type “rock” for the facade and fences.

“Rock” is a classic stone plate, which has one large (front) face cleaved by hand. Facing “rock” is a popular way to decorate fences and the facade of buildings, which also helps to insulate the walls and protect them from moisture.

Due to the textured surface, the walls, lined with “rock” get a more impressive, volumetric appearance.

Basalt bark

“Bark” is torn-shaped stone plates that are used for paving walkways and for lining.

  • Thin bark is used to revet buildings and fencing foundations or lay footpaths on the concrete base.
  • Thick bark is used in landscape gardening to create decorative paths.

Basalt washers

Basalt washers are used for laying tracks.

The uniqueness of this type of product is that only basalt columns have a rounded or oval shape in cross section. It is impossible to make paving washers from another stone (for example, from granite).

Noodle from basalt crust

Bark noodle (straw) is oblong bar of different lengths and heights.

It is used as a facing material for the basement of buildings and the perimeter of door and window openings.

Facing with noodle creates a massive effect and is similar to a “wild stone” due to a ragged front surface.

What are the advantages of black stone?

The closest competitors of basalt are gabbro and labradorite. These are rocks of magmatic origin, which are distinguished by a granular structure and can have various shades – from dark gray to dark green. The peculiarity of gabbro is the existence of impurities of other minerals, which could be seen in multi-colored inclusions at the cut. Labradorite has a bright play of green and blue colors.

And only Ukrainian basalt is the only completely black stone in nature.

Experts choose basalt:

  • for aristocratic velvet black color;
  • for monolithic structure and lack of porosity;
  • for high wear resistance;
  • for the universality and breadth of applications of this unique natural building material.

It is important:

  • basalt paving does not have natural background radiation, which radically distinguishes it from granite.

Why Basalt-Ukraine, or How to work without intermediaries

We have been working with natural stone for 30 years and we understand that basalt paving is laid once and for all; therefore, we recommend real quality and the best purchase conditions.


There are few places on the planet where pillars of this rock come to the surface. Black basalt is valued all over the world, has no life limits and is allowed for all types of construction

Honest price

Thanks to our own production, we offer the best prices on the market for really high-quality products.


In our arsenal there are all types of products from basalt.


Delivery of the order by transport convenient for you – automobile or railway.


Convenient location

We are located in a basalt mining place, and we are available for European cities:

  • distance to Kyiv is 387 km;
  • to the border with the EU – 170 km;
  • to Warsaw (Poland) – 500 km;
  • to Vilnius (Lithuania) – 560 km;
  • to Budapest (Hungary) – 810 km;
  • to Riga (Latvia) – 860 km;
  • to Bucharest (Romania) – 920 km;
  • to Berlin (Germany) – 1050 km;
  • to Prague (Czech Republic) – 1090 km;
  • to Zurich (Switzerland) – 1790 km.

Cooperation, beneficial to all

We offer a mutually beneficial partnership on a long-term basis.

Considering the seasonality of production, we offer advantageous rates for partners willing to take goods to the warehouse year-round for the purpose of its further realization.

You can buy all types of basalt paving and other products at the price of the manufacturer.

About us

Our company is from Western Ukraine, located directly at one of the basalt quarries and offers such type of product from a rare natural material, like basalt paving

Office address:

Ukraine, Rivne region, Rivne, Robitnychyi 1a

Production address:
Ukraine, Rivne region, Kostopil district, Zlazne, str. Tsytyn, 34a